Taguig public schools get hi-tech, multi-function copying machines

Teachers  and officials of Taguig public schools are no longer rushing out to nearby stores to Xerox urgently needed test papers or other teaching materials.

This was because each of the 34 public schools in the city now has their own brand new multi-function photocopying machines—courtesy of Mayor Lani Cayetano who donated the equipment to the schools recently.

“We are very glad that we have a mayor who has a heart in education. We want to reciprocate her good deeds to our local education by our schools’ accomplishments and achievements,” said Dr. George Tizon, special liaison to the Taguig Local School Board and officer-in-charge of Senator Renato “Companero” Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School.

According to Mayor Lani, this only shows the top priority she gives to the local education sector.

On the other hand, she took a dig at the previous administration which she accused of giving little support to the public school, or if at all, favored those in areas controlled by their political allies.

“It is our commitment to give what is due to our schools. The city government hopes to strengthen the public school system’s technological infrastructure,” said Mayor Lani.

The heavy-duty office equipment, costing a total of P3.5 million, can not only be used for photocopying but could also function as scanner or printer and can be connected through a computer network.

Atty. Darwin Icay, chief of the Public Information Office, stressed that the Cayetano administration is unwavering in its commitment in finding ways to improve delivery of educational services to the citizens of Taguig.

“Mayor Lani wants to extend help in every way her administration can for the welfare of our schools and for the greater benefit of our students,” said Atty. Icay.

Icay noted that critical investments were placed in the city’s education sector including the  P200 million allocated this year by the city government in scholarships alone, which is a big jump from the P100 million in scholarship fund earmarked last year.

In contrast, Icay noted that the previous administration allocated a measly P5 million annually for scholarship.

He added that the city government also gives public schools other forms of assistance, like distributing cleaning materials during the annual Brigada Eskwela, when teachers and parents clean the rooms in preparation for the onset of the school year.


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