The Philippine Starweek April 22, 2012 issue featuring Taguig’s 425th Founding Anniversary

The Philippine Starweek April 22, 2012 issue featuring Taguig’s 425th Founding Anniversary

April 22, 2012
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INUTAK is a famous delicacy that took its roots from the kitchens of Taguig.

It was and still is a staple household treat the women of  Taguig lovingly prepared for the family.

Made from basic ground sticky rice (kaning malagkit) with a hefty infusion of coconut cream(gata), the Inutak is slowly baked with charcoal fire and best eaten while hot.

Try this wonderful creamy-melty delicacy with ice cream ala mode style or for the more adventurous, choose from our assortment of flavors. But for the more traditional, INUTAK is lovely on its own. Best with salabat, hot chocolate or coffee.


[from Kristina’s Premium Inutak flyer]
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The INUTAK of TAGUIG. It has been 4 months since I started looking for the famous Inutak, Taguig’s delicacy.

Finally, I found one at THE FORT. Kristina’s Premium Inutak.
There was a taste test before buying.

Instantly,my prognosis is good.

I bought a box for only Php 120. I took it back to my office and brewed my coffee.

I love it!

It’s incomparable to other sticky rice and coconut cream delicacies of the Philippines.
It is thick like “BRAINS”. Maybe that is where it got its name.

The taste is good, no doubt. But I think  it is “nakakaumay”[get tired in food] if taken on its own because it has no texture. It must be partnered with ice cream, tea, coffee, salabat etc.

A must try. I recommend it!

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This is Larry Herrera blogging on Inutak of Taguig.

Taguig’s E-Graduation 2012

I heared it again after 10 years. “Can we broadcast Live Online?”

My immediate answer is NO!

I remembered very well 10 years back when I studied this fascinating technology and failed. I used the software webcam32.

But today is a different story.

The technology has drastically improved.
The computers are faster,cameras are ridiculously cheaper and better and the internet connection,improved.

Spearheaded by Mayor Ate Lani Cayetano and PIO Chief Darwin Icay, the E-Graduation idea came into play.

I love a good challenge, we all do.

I searched on the modern day crystal ball Google and found livestream, ustream and  I immediately chose because it’s free, cheap if you want to purchase and you can embed it in your site even in free version. I got 6 account with no hassle.

Embedding the script is easy just like embedding a Youtube video in a page.

A laptop.An external PC camera. An external mic. A DSL connection. It’s time to go live.
I logged in to 3-2-1 GO LIVE!
We are LIVE!

We need to simulcast at 6 locations. 6 sets,6 operators, back up on everything and we are good to go.

Logistics. Wow! 34 schools. That’s a lot to muster. One by one we tested the sites for electricity and remote internet connection.

March 26,We had a final meeting. I was informed by PIO that leading broadcast networks and newspapers will cover the E-Graduation. We prepared the machines and trained the personnel at Burby’s Grill in PETRON Taguig. We finished at around 9pm.

March 27, D Day. Everybody is excited and scared. We only had 4 hours of sleep as we had to be at the site at 4am and be broadcasting by 5:30am.

Adrenalin running, we broadcasted at Signal Village National High School.

As soon as the broadcast started, we felt a sigh of relief. The system works and we are so happy.
We gave each other a pat on the back. The E-Graduation has begun.

At Calzada-Tipas Elementary School[annex], I got an interview from GMANEWS reporter Ms. Maria Bulaklak Ausente.

It was later aired at 24 ORAS and other GMANEWS programs.

We managed to simulcast 6 schools on the first day of E-Graduation.


The initial broadcast day happened without a hitch and we were so happy. Four  more days to go.

The “boyz“,(operators) JP, Johnley, Eric, Aljun, John Christopher,Floyd, Frangie are getting better and better everyday and I am glad.

The days flew with only minor problems. The “Back-up Crew” Gino, Karl, Don and me are always ready to respond. We are equipped with complete devices including multiple wifi sticks.

The E-Graduation works. It is a proof of concept that with minimal expense, any municipality in the Philippines can do the same.

This is Larry Herrera blogging on E-Graduation.
Thanks for reading.

GMANEWS interview on Taguig’s E-Graduation

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