Landmarks in Palingon Tipas,Taguig City,District 1

Tipas Elementary School

Location: 47- O F. Manalo St. Palingon-Tipas, Taguig City.
Tel. No: 640-2797.

In the beginning of 1900, the school was named as Tipas Barrio School which was located in front of the church known as Dambanang Kawayan and situated in Plaza Bonifacio. The teachers during the first years were all Americans. The Americans have trained Filipino Teachers and were able to teach independently in 1914. Filipino teachers were headed by Miss Agripina Natividad, better known as “Maestrang Pinang”. In 1930, the school was named Tipas Primary School since it has four levels only. The first ever graduation rite was made in 1945 instead of 1942 because of the World War II.

With the desire of Fortunato Dingginbayan to improve the school, he decided to donate his 10,000 sq. meter lot in Palingon, Tipas in 1917. It was also Fortunato Dingginbayan who raised funds for the salary of teachers.

From then on, the school continued to improve by the help of private individuals and the local government as well.

At present, there were eighteen structures on the site. These function as school buildings, ancillary centers, maintenance building, comfort rooms, alumni building, etc. All of each are very functional giving good services to pupils, teachers and other school stakeholders. Presently, the school is under the leadership of principal Dr. Ma. Cheryl L. Fernandez.

Tipas National High School

Location: Mariano St. Palingon, Tipas.
Tel. No: 643-4912.

Tipas National High School started its operation in 2002 under the initiative of the then Representative of Taguig and Pateros, Alan Peter Cayetano. He passed a bill in the House of Congress establishing a national barangay in Tipas to be named TIPAS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL in response to the clamor of parents of the four barangays in Tipas to accommodate the growing number of enrollees in the area.

During its initial operation, the local government of Taguig constructed six (6) makeshift rooms at the nearby Tipas Elementary Covered Court to house the 291 freshmen and 172 sophomores, while then the construction of the three-storey building was in progress.

There were five (5) contractual workers and (5) volunteer funded by the Local School Board. It took a year of construction before the school finally moved to its new building in October 2003.

Since then the school has undergone different administrators, from Mrs. Nelica Abad in 2003-2004 to Mrs. Guia R. Dela Cruz in October 2004 to July 2008. At present, the school is being administered by Mr. Gil M. Teodoro, Principal I.

Today, the school accommodate enrollees from the neighboring barangays of Palingon, Ligid, Calzada and Napindan. This school year it has a total population of 1696 students.

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