Landmarks in Ususan,Taguig City,District 1

St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church

Location: Gen. Luna St. Ususan, Taguig City.
Tel. No: 642-4181.

St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church was established last September 12, 1986, and is under the diocese of Pasig. Its feast day is every July 31.

Dr. Artemio Natividad Elementary School

Location: Gen. Luna Street, Ususan, Taguig City.
Tel. No: 643-4172.

It was named after the former Mayor of Taguig, Dr. Artemio E. Natividad who was one of those presumed to be killed during the war when the Japanese soldiers took all male residents of Taguig at the height of the Japanese invasion. Since that time nobody returned and all the captives were presumed dead with graves nowhere to be found in Taguig.

In September 15, 1939 the municipal government of Taguig, purchased a lot with an area of 4,856 sq. m. from Mr. and Mrs. Lucio Tuason who agreed to sell for school purposes.

In 1969 the municipal council passed a resolution renaming the school to Dr. Artemio E. Natividad Elementary School in honor of the late mayor.

Presently, the school is under the leadership of principal Ma. Ligaya P. Gepollo.

Sen. Rene Compañero Cayetano Memorial Science and Technology High School

Location: 31st corner 51st Sts. Pamayanang Diego Silang, Ususan, Taguig City.
Tel. No: 828-0140.

SRCCMSTHS or Cayetano Science is a special public secondary school in Taguig City that has a special science and technology curriculum. It is named in the honor of the late Senator Renato “Compañero” Cayetano. For more information, you can visit the school’s official facebook at Senator Rene Cayetano Science and Technology High School.

Ususan Elem. School

Location: Gen. Luna Street, Ususan, Taguig City.
Tel. No: 642-3423.

Ususan Elementary School rose from a donated 4,321.25 sq. meter lot located at Ususan, Taguig Rizal. It was June 25, 1931 when formal schooling in Grades I and II classes started in a make-shift schoolhouse constructed on the said site. Miss Elpidia Carlos and Miss Ana Bunyi were the first mentors during those struggling days. Thereafter, permanent building with two- standard classrooms were erected, housing primary classes only. The first principal then was Elpidia C. Tanyag and through her initiative more classrooms were added from that period to 1963 to cater the growing population.

The old building was later abolished and under the provincial board resolution 1077 during the administration of Governor Isidro Rodriguez, Mayor Monico C. Tanyag, Mrs. Caridad P. Umali- Principal and Barrio Captain Daniel Castillo. Rodriguez Building was constructed on February 5, 1969 and was finished on October 17, 1969. From that day onwards, the same school building has been existing on the same area. However, other buildings were constructed like the Carino Building, Multi-purpose building and Cayetano building replacing the old Antonio building. Ususan Elementary School is fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of 3-classroom building donated by Ayala Land Build a House Project constructed on November, 2003 and finished on June, 2004.

Another 3-storey building with 9 classrooms was erected on June 11, 2004 and was inaugurated June, 2005 through the LOGO Find project funded by the World Bank. Throughout the years, Ususan Elementary School has been headed by dedicated school heads in the persons of Mrs. Adoracion Capistrano, Mrs. Simeona Capco, Miss Melita Lammatao, Mr. Bayani Z. Pili, Miss Lydia G. Pili, Mrs. Teresita M. de Jesus, Mrs. Flerida P. Silvestre, Mrs. Felisa A. Vinuya and the present principal, Mrs. Josefina R. Granada.


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  1. I attended Ususan Elementary school on my younger days. I was 12 years old when we moved to United States; that was 36 years ago.

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